Umm… #FUNFEARLESSLIFE in NYC?! I am SO (bleep)ing there!!!

Oh how I do love a good cliché! From catch phrases like “reach for the stars” to stereotypes like high school “jocks” and “nerds”, these tired ideas are all around us, breathing truth into our lives.

There really is no “i” in “team”.

If you don’t “keep calm and carry on”, you will just be stuck in hysterics somewhere. 

You can count on least 4 slutty pirates to show up at every Halloween party.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.22.10 PM  Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.21.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.21.50 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.25.09 PM


I know the cliché life quite well.

Most of my Christmases have been white.

My favorite food is pizza.

My first kiss was under the bleachers at the high school homecoming game.

I am a blonde, Midwestern girl who was raised in the suburbs, joined a sorority, competed in pageants, and I have a love of fashion. 

Just a small town girl with big city dreams.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.09.27 PM

WAIT WAIT It gets worse.


I have a very large city crush on the Big Apple. We met just a few years ago when I chased romance, and now I get cravings to visit like I get cravings for pizza. Next week, I can have both for four. straight. days. (eee!!!)

I’ve planned an adventure– party of one. It begins in 10 days.. I’m going to New York City for a solo weekend listening to incredible speakers and meeting women just like me who want to grab life by the heels!

It is going to be FUN and it is going to be FEARLESS and, oh yeah, that’s what it’s called!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.32.57 PM


Photo on 10-27-14 at 12.34 AM


Photo on 10-27-14 at 12.34 AM


Photo on 10-27-14 at 12.34 AM

Cosmopolitan Magazine is putting on a 2 day conference for women looking to write on the walls of the world in lipstick. I’m going to soak in words of wisdom from women who are living the dream. Kelly Osbourne! Jillian Michaels! Chrissy Teigan! Joanna Coles (CEO of Cosmo)! And so many more, but I would probably lose your attention if I listed them all. 

Why am I going? Because the struggle of senioritis is real. I’m t-minus 6 weeks to being plopped out in the real world. That’s right, everyone. After that year off of school as Miss Oregon and a transfer from Oregon State to Portland State, I’m finally going to (bleep)ing finish!!!!!!!! I have some ideas of how I want to make my first moves in big-girl world, and I can’t help but ask myself– what are the ladies at the top up to?  I’m hoping to harvest some inspiration from these working women. They didn’t do it overnight; I’m sure life handed them some lemons.

And these chicks know how to make lemonade. 

^^ How about that cliché, eh? eh? You see, I love clichés for their steady truth, and mostly because you never know when they will show up. They lend peace of mind, they make for great jokes, and they level the playing field. Nobody is safe! Everyone fits somewhere, and the fun is finding out where it is by following the cliché clues.

Small town girl with big city dreams? That’s a cliché I can live with.

So I have 10 days until I wake up in the city that never sleeps! And guess what?! You are coming with me my beloved reader-watchers! Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Life Conference 2014! I’m going to be logging with both a “b” and a “v” in these days leading up to takeoff, and will be social media-ing the $#*+ out of NYC.

Say it with me:


Photo on 10-27-14 at 12.29 AM

Stay tuned as I rip off links on my paper chain, pick out outfits, try to pack light, and prepare for the fun-cation of inspiration ahead!

Cheers! To an Empire State of Mind and lemonade…… and clichés! 🙂



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Trendayyy Vlog! I didn’t wear sweats to class and want to brag about it.

I am convinced that wearing anything other than sweats to class falls somewhere on the scale of heroism. Or maybe I just felt like a hero because I basically was wearing a superhero cape/sweater/magic carpet/wing thing…

Here’s a new vlog where I try and fly and also dance and also be mildly fashion forward in class. Still working out the kinks of this method of diary, but will try anything that lets me shake my groove thing thrice.




Dorky Chick Diaries: Hashtag Rebrand, Yoga Pants, and Flailing Arms

You might have noticed that Dorky Chick in Lipstick has been undergoing some changes. This is assuming you used to read my blog with the old look and also that you have eyes. I know neither, but for those of you just joining me today “Hello, my name is Caroline and this is how my blog looks. Take a seat and spit out your gum.”

Oh wait, I’m not a salty bus driver? Moving on.

Let me tell you about the “rebrand”, or rather, #rebrand. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.20.53 AM



Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.04.52 AM

With a little consultation from some of my most cherished gal pals, (one of which is a graphic designer– hey girl thanks again!) I sorted through quite a few versions before I came up with something I thought had all the right junk in all the right places. I wanted lipstick colors without the red Target dart. I wanted something simple to build on that also had a signature detail. I wanted feel like I had a stamp of my voice.

Rebranding my blog was like playing dress up with my website… and we all know how I feel about dress up 🙂

It was more than a visual makeover that I was seeking. I needed to change my “about” section as well, because, frankly, I’m about much more than I led on in the beginning, or certainly than I knew I could be. So here is the short version which is  followed by the long version.  If the question was “why ‘Dorky Chick in Lipstick’?” this is how I would respond.

“Dorky Chick in Lipstick” is a safe place for fashion and laughter to coexist.

It is a living fashion journal that is stripped of anything that comes without personal progress. It celebrates the wannabe. It giggles through the clumsiness of being a twenty-something. It is my diary out loud.

If you are curious, read on. (long version)

“Dorky Chick in Lipstick” is more than a persona. It is an experiment.

It began in early 2013. I had restless fingers, a lot to say, and passion for fashion that I had neglected for more “responsible” things like paying bills and going to college. It was a solid track, but I was losing touch with my favorite art forms: writing and fashion. I needed an outlet. I started a blog.

As I looked at the fashion world to see where I might fit in, I was inspired, but I didn’t see a place for myself. I felt like I was in a lunchroom of fashion bloggers with no seat. I admired them all, but I didn’t quite see taking pictures of myself standing against brick walls in cute clothes or writing how-to’s on being a modern-day Martha Stewart as platforms where I could really speak my mind. I don’t run with a posse of fashion-obsessed women who I could recreate Sex and the City with, nor do I want to scavenge every stinky thrift shop in Portland for a writing prompt. Each blogger seemed so pulled together and clear with their voice and their style. I, on the other hand, was wearing yoga pants, and the only voice that I could hear in my head was making wise cracks and giggling.

I realized what I needed was a safe space: one where I could have both fashion and laughter.

I didn’t want to make $1500 style guides or be a slave to my instagram feed, and I couldn’t help but feel like there were others like me, who felt fashion existed only for those on “the other side”. Then I realized how silly that sounded; it is up to us to decide how we live in our clothes. 

It is okay to wear lipstick and still be totally and impossibly dorky.

“Dorky Chick in Lipstick” is an experiment in demystifying what lies between fashion fabulosity and wherever we think we come from. It isn’t a fancy blog. I am not a photographer, graphic designer, website creator, a professional personality, or professional stylist, but I at least want to give it a try.

So come along. Yoga pants are welcome here. I’m telling the true, living story of a girl who wants to live expressively and laugh much. She loves to be a lady in lipstick, but her insides are giggling and making funny faces.

She is me, and I am welcoming you with flailing arms.


Cheers, friends! To progress, pink circles, and faking it until we make it.



ANOTHER VLOG SORT OF. Playing pretend in P! (ortland)

I like playing pretend and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.27.03 PM

A killer outfit changes my route from apartment to grocery story to a 4 block runway to flashing cameras. A new blog post changes my spastic thought machine of a brain into narrations of my life story as if I already know the ending. (The only thing I would need to complete it would be Morgan Freeman, but I just assume he knows all the endings.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.29.19 PM

^^Look at that face! He totally knows.^^

These little natural highs I get from living in a fantasy world make me want to try new things….

….like pretending I’m a high profile fashion reporter.

So here’s me. Pretending to be on E! Which in my case should be D! or maybe just C! I hope you’ll watch and give it an A!

How’s that for a G-rated joke?

Anyhoo, so I did my hair and makeup and put on my trendy dress and whipped out a camera downtown at Portland Fashion Week! The audio was horrible and avoiding the eyes of people going “wtf is she doing” was sort of awkward, but totally worth it! I really like feeling like I can share thoughts and memories about my favorite things, and Portland and fashion are two of these! So come with!


– the audio is haahhribble. I tried to talk really loud so you could hear me. It sounds a bit theatrical. Forgive me sweet readerwatchers.

– I wish I would have gotten a pic of Marybeth’s earrings. They were about 2 1/2 inches long and little copper colored chains. Minimalist chic, and hand made by a local boutique owner. (Between her local earrings, her local hat, and her muted but chic outfit  she was screaming Portland. I loved it )

– Yes, taking dorky photos on the red carpet was pretty much a bucket list item.

Well kids, next vlog is back at my  ritzy apartment, but before that I have some words about this new site look you are seeing… stay tuned. Thanks for watching and reading! Did you know you are helping me make my dreams come true? One baby blog at a time 🙂



U is for Uncool, V is for Vlog (!!!)

I did it. I made a vlog. That is trendspeak for “video blog”… kind of like “Brangelina” or “Bennifer” or “Cronut”

Because two words takes, like, time.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.31.18 PM

(^^bonus points if you can name that comedy sketch ^^)

I am going to share my vlog with you, but before I do that, please remember this: I am uncool. I know this, I’ve accepted this, and I ask that you prepare yourself to be underwhelmed. Even uncool people can play cool kid games, okay?! Okay, moving on.

So, yeah! I made my very first “dorky chick” vlog! I’m actually kind of excited about it because 1) it was fun! and 2) I have a lot of ideas for ways I can make better ones! I wanted to try out a new fun way to show off clothes I love, and I thought how about bringing “trenndayyy pics” to life! This is a vlog for anyone who has lost track of time before they need to be somewhere  where they need to look like a civilized human. I’ll show you how I get from Bedhead Betty to a casual gal-pal lunch date!


– Yes, I do shower. I did the night before.

– Some footage with better pics of the whole outfit were deleted. Rookie mistake.

– I arrived on time. BOO YAH.

– Next time I’ll kick it up a notch with the brand shout outs for those of you who are interested. 🙂

Lemme know what you think! Would you want to see more of these vlogs? Or maybe you think I should stick to pics? I’m just a tweet away. ( @pdxcaroline )

Cheers! To being uncool on camera,