NEW WAYS TO WEAR JEANS!! Style exclusive!!

Fall = jeans season. An American wardrobe staple, the industry couldn’t be more ready for the cooler-weather-meets-back-to-school explosion. The fashion industry can’t seem to break away from these two-legged garments, and so has no choice but to capitalize on their wardrobe staying-power with BS articles like “New Ways to Wear Jeans”…


These magazines are wrong.

The Skinny, the Boyfriend, the High-waist, the Crop, etc. are different ways of wearing the same damn pants. Just because someone’s jeans are particularly baggy or dangerously muffin-toppy doesn’t mean it is different or new! It just means it is more expensive for once uncool people to wear their jeans!


Fortunately for you, darling readers, I have been working with my elite style team [of one] to put together what are, in fact, new ways to wear your jeans.

The J’Scarf: Perfect for the autumn chill


The Urban Un-turban: For a quick disguise…


The “PSYCH!” : Because who doesn’t want to look like they are running mid-air in the opposite direction


The No Quarters? No Problem: All your shirts are in the wash? Well that is what jeans are for.


InStyle or IN DENIAL??


*facepalm* I know, I know. 


Nothing wrong with a little silliness on a Tuesday night, right? Thank you to InStyle for showing up at my door every month, I promise I actually love you. Apologies to Olivia Wilde for writing on her face with white-out, I know it wasn’t comfortable. Now go out there and be stylish, you!

Now that I’ve repurposed all my jeans, what to do about pants…..?



Dorky Chick #TBT: ummm WHY wasn’t I invited to the VMA’s?





Listen. I don’t f*&%ing get it. All week I have to hear about stinking celebrities and their “fabulous” fashion statements and I have basically been red carpet ready for years and nobody has paid any attention to me. It’s not fair! 

Just take a look at Gaga in this trash bag dress….


C’mon, financially-savvy-college-freshman Caroline was rocking that years ago…



Obviously red carpet worthy.


Then Allison Williams shows up in Valentino and everybody is like “ooohhhh”



Um excuse me but HOW could you forget that I basically wore the same thing to my junior year voice recital? 

ImageI friggin’ nailed “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” from Sweeney Todd that night.

Nailed. it.

But what really chaps my hide is Katy Perry and her– wait, what’s that they call it?- oh yeah— her “grill”. 




Katy, Katy, Katy. Let me show you how it’s done. ImageFake forest background.

Casual knuckles under chin.

So whimsical…yet, so fierce. 




All I’m saying is, fashion legends like myself deserve some recognition.

I’ll be waiting on my invitation to 2014’s VMA’s, MTV. 

I’ll. Be. Waiting. 






Real men dress like baby girls

Handshakes are pretty powerful thing. The un-inked agreement between two hands attached to separate bodies is what has made the world what it is today. Business deals, grand ceremonies, formal greetings, and, of course, bets all require handshakes to solidify an idea becoming an event. My friends, Dan and Roxanne, shook hands a couple months ago on a particular bet that I got to facilitate… and oh boy was it fun! *insert enthusiastically villian-esque evil laugh here*

*still cackling*

(eh hem) Anyhoo, so to give you some backstory: Kyle and Rama are an awesome couple with an awesome 4 year old boy named Jaden. One night while a group of us were at their house for our Monday night gathering for “The Voice” it was revealed that come December, Jaden was going to become a big brother! Obviously the room was filled with enthusiasm at the idea of Rama having a little bun in the oven, but the question was would it be a boy or a girl?!?!

Roxanne said it would be a girl, Dan thought it would be a boy, and somewhere along the line a bet was formed. The stakes: Loser, who incorrectly guesses the sex of the baby, has to wear a grown-up sized baby costume of the for the duration of the baby gender reveal party. Said costume must be gender stereotype specific to baby being born. Winner gets to cackle.

Either way, I was in charge of making the costume!

A few days before the party, the parents got the results in a sealed envelope, which they gave to me, and I had the heart pounding experience of opening it to see the results! The only people to know were myself, the cake decorator, and the doctors–everyone else would find out at the party. I was extremely nervous to know, because I knew how badly they wanted a little girl, and I had to keep a straight face in the days leading up to the reveal.

I opened up the envelope and inside was the ultrasound picture and a note that said

It’s a GIRL


Naturally I had a mini freakout and car-danced about it as I drove to the fabric store to buy pink fabric.

Finding out that this incredible family is going to expand in the way they had dreamed was so exciting, but the only thing that made it better was realizing that Dan has to wear a baby girl costume all. night. long. 

*more over-enthusastic cackling*

I couldn’t laugh forever though- I was headed to Seattle until the day of the party and I only had 24 hours to buy materials, create the pattern, and put it all together! I needed a plan. I knew I’d need a bonnet, a skirt, and a top. There would need to be lace, it had to be pink, and there was a special request for polka-dots. Teehee! What was more important, is that I needed a fabric that was cheap, easy to work with, and would be forgiving since I knew I was going to have to whip up this outfit like a bat out of hell.

Here’s what I ended up with:

– Felt. This is perfect fabric for short term costumes. It comes in all colors, doesn’t stretch so is easy to work with, is a breeze to cut, and is definitely affordable. Shout out to homegirl JoAnn for coupons! I bought pink and white and wasn’t really sure how much I would need, but ended up being okay. It is always better to have an extra yard. Always.

– Elastic. I didn’t have Dan’s measurements, but knew I could guess about how much give I would need to get it around his waist.

– Lace. Obviously. Making Dan a pretty baby girl was going to take extra measures. Dan, if you are reading this, I mean that in the nicest way….lol

Velcro. I ain’t got tiiiiime for no zippers! Velcro sticks right to felt and takes minimal application time.

I started with the bonnet. I looked up ideas online and ended up measuring my own head to get it just right. There are a lot of elaborate designs out there but  the quick and dirty 2 piece seemed to look just fine.

From there I went to the shirt. I mostly eyeballed the pattern piece from memory of shirt pattern pieces I had seen in the past. This ended up coming up a little short on the back, and I later had to add a panel. The sleeves, on the other hand, were something I would definitely put in the “win” category. I’ve always been intimidated by sleeves, but was able to cut out, gather, and sew in without puckers or mishaps on the first try!!! Wahoo!!

After that I made the skirt. I ended up having to cut 4 separate pieces to make sure I had enough of the pink, but ultimately I was fine and attached an elastic waistband.  If I would have had time, I would have made a dress, but instead figured that a shirt tucked into the skirt would give a similar enough effect.

Surprisingly, the polka dots were the biggest challenge. I didn’t want to hand sew, but the felt was so thick I was nervous about trying to maneuver my machine to sew them on, and I had gotten a little overeager to put the sleeves on before the dots. I decided to go for it, and one by one used a close zig-zag stitch around each dot, all while an objectively horrible Hillary Duff movie played in the background. They weren’t perfect, but they were there in all their feminine glory!

I got a chance to finish it up before the party, and I added the extra back panel for the inches of fabric that I underestimated, slapped some velcro on that bad boy, and it was party time!

I kept a poker face for a solid hour at the party people analyzed my eye movements with hungry eyes! Na na na boo boo- I totally knew! We ate some delicious dinner and then it was time to cut the cake! Mama Rama found the pink shoe baked in the cake and tears and hugs followed. Dan was dismissed to go find the costume that awaited him, and returned in my creation!

Ay bay bay!!



*still cackling* 

There’s Roxanne smiling ear to ear knowing that she won the bet 😉


It fit! Which was an exciting moment for me, and I think that pink really goes well with his skin tone, don’t you?

Check out some precious moments:




First family photo with their baby girl……. lol







 even got a pic in with my creation!



By the end of the night Dan’s inner Jersey baby came out….



You lookin’ at me? Can’t a baby get a drink around hea?????

As you can tell, it was a great time and I was so grateful to get to add to the fun of the evening and celebrate with Rama, Kyle, and Jaden as they look forward to welcoming a new family member to the planet!!!

Thanks, guys!! And of course, thanks to Dan for being such a good sport.

As far as sewing goes, this was like a fun challenge to race against the clock and get to make something all my own.  It felt really good to go into a project confidently, and to come out on the other side having accomplished what needed to get accomplished.

Who knows, maybe my claim to fame will one day be a high end line of baby style menswear!

And on THAT disturbing thought, I wish you a happy Saturday…



P.S. Rama has a phenomenal website called Freshly Grown! When you get a chance, give her page a “like” on Facebook and check out her great website. She has a really personal testimony that has led her to a healthy lifestyle and it is incredibly inspirational!

Pictures of my TREEENNNNDAAAYYY outfit! 7.29

I’ve been working hard lately at trying to grow up. I’ve lived on my own for two years, I feel like I’m finally settling into a great network of people, and I want to be able to put more exciting things on my plate. Yesterday I celebrated a wonderful day of domestication. I cooked. I cleaned. I socialized.

And I wore homemade clothes!

As painfully June Cleaver as it sounds, I couldn’t help myself! I made this classic A-line skirt out of a funky black paisley-esque cotton last winter, and haven’t had a chance to see if it was worth wearing until this week. As basic and boring as can be, but I kinda liked it with my pink J. Crew necklace, grey tank, and go-to wedges!

Cue pic that says “Oh! Please have some more casserole, I made plenty!”


Don’t let my fake smile fool you, I was really just happy to see carpet for the first time in weeks.



It really is the little things. 

Hope you have a gleefully-rolling-on-the-floor kind of day.


Zombie Apocalypse: Now Accepting Applications!

As I slowly chip away at my roster of design classes, I’ve had some great opportunities to broaden my horizons, expand the scope of my skills, and most importantly, increase my chance of survival in the zombie apocalypse



^^Portland zombie

It is no secret that I was the last child to complete the timed mile run in elementary school, and never got much faster…nor am I notably coordinated and have been known to mistake my finger for a block of cheese….So if I can’t hunt and gather or be a warrior, what’s left?

Translator? Nein, ich spreche nur ein bissen Deutch…plus the Germans have been learning English for decades so that’s out…

Medical expert? Oh! Maybe?  Let me look on WebMD and see….

Prostitute?   Does this look mean anything to you?

Photo on 7-11-13 at 7.24 PM

You cray! *snap snap snap*

I was starting to face the music;  fated to meet my doom as a zombie cupcake with cherry frosting… until now!

My love of needles+thread has led me to a class where I am learning the age-old art of  LeatherworkingOkay so ideally I’d like to be able to throw together some crafty bags or shoes like any girly girl, but as I beveled, skived, and saddle-stitched from the comfort of my desk during a couple-week intensive course at my design school, I realized not all hope was lost for me! Do you think your shoes are going cobble themselves?  Ever tried bringing back enough berries to feed a team using only your two hands? Where are you going to turn when you need a new scabbard?





Things are off to a solid start- just check out the belt I made this week!!


If you look at the top left corner of the first photo, you can see the strap of vegetable-tanned leather it transformed from!




Here are just some of the tools used.  An all-purpose leatherworking knife and corkboard (those things are sharp!) , a box cutter and cutting board, beeswax and canvas, and lots of paper towels! We beveled, skived, oil-treated, dyed, smoothed, molded, soaked, hammered, sanded, burnished and punched holes– all in just a few short days! I have to let my belt set for 24 hr before I can buff it, but then it will be ready to wear!  bedazzle!!!!!

(You can exhale, I was kidding)

This weekend I have to go pick up my first pigskin for a tote bag as next week’s project.  The idea of going out to buy skin is still sort of strange, but- hey, I can’t deny that it is a really important part of learning about the industry and basics of construction. And of course, vital to my survival of the pending mass resurrection of conscious-less corpses.

With that, I will be taking applications for my survival team. I still need someone fast, someone who can use a knife without slicing their finger, a translator (pig latin counts, but I’ll need references), Dr. Oz, and a hooker.

Please e-mail applications to

Deadline pending, we need to find the right people for the team.

More on leatherworking next week 🙂


Pictures of my TRRRENNNNDAAYY outfit 7.08


Leather shorts + cool and relaxed blouse + shoes  tall enough to make up for the veggies I refused to eat as a kid. (bonus points for matching my hair) These leather shorts have become one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They are high-quality, versatile, and aren’t obnoxious or tight. They are perfect for summer nights, as long as it isn’t a bajillion degrees outside. This easy breezy shirt is also ideal for summer nights because it can breath, but has just enough fabric to ward of chill as the sun sets.  I was pretty pumped to find these new wedges at a little boutique on my street. I adore the feeling of wearing heels, but lawd knows this city wasn’t made for pumps!

Enjoy this musical edition of TRRRENDDAYY outfit! I’m still so obsessed with this song, and heard on the radio today that Robin Thicke might actually be considering changing his name to “Blurred Lines”… hmm… Let’s pretend like that is a great idea and dance about it…..


…. and that was the story of how Caroline split her leather shorts.

Haha just kidding the shorts are fine, but that did make a better story, didn’t it?

Don’t try these dance moves at home. Or wait… actually if you must do them at home go right ahead. They sure as hell don’t belong in public.


The blog post that will save your life!

If you see  this girl wearing Jeremy Scott:


RUN! Or just don’t wear this:


It’s just not safe. 

Now that I’ve basically saved your life, you should probably return the favor.


Donate your time, money, or blood to the American Red Cross! Last year I had the privilege of being an official spokesperson for the Red Cross of Oregon, and want to make sure to put in a plug for their incredibly easy text-to-donate program.  10 bucks won’t change the weather, but it will get those who have lost it all in recent tragedies one step closer to normalcy.

Text REDCROSS to 90999.


And have an awesome and safe weekend, my friends.


Thank you for everything.


Ptown is flashing it’s peacock feathers this week for Portland Mercury‘s Fashion Week (Monday 13- Thurs-16) and enjoyed the pre-party that was the Fashion Forward Show from Portland Sewing on Saturday (the 11th).  It’s extra fun to people watch on these occasions because all the fashion-minded are out to see and be seen. It’s harder to come by such phenomenon in Portlandia, and I’m thrilled to find my kindred souls are out to frolic all in the same venue! Blue hair, red hair, pink hair, top hats, high heels, and funky fashion statements are not out of the ordinary.  The words “I’m a fashion blogger” are overheard countless times as one walks through the crowd, as well as names being called from the recognition of unexpected familiar faces. Of course there’s nothing unexpected about recognizing anyone at these events. It’s a small fashion world here in PDX I’m discovering. So far it’s been a fun start.

Saturday I went to the Fashion Forward Show, and was there as not only a surveyor, but also as a reporter. It felt awesome, and partially like I had a secret. My secret was that I was nervous and had to pretend like I knew what the eff I was doing. Last time I wrote any articles I was fifteen and writing for my high school newspaper, and it was anything but glamorous. The track coach really didn’t want to be interviewed about last week’s meet, and nobody gave a damn about the reconfiguring of the parking lot. I called it quits pretty quick and figured reporting just wasn’t for me. Well,t’s been 7 years and I’m realizing that I’ve got quite a bit more to say than I did when I was 15 (go figure), and since I’m still knee-deep in my undergrad, I applied and was hired as an Arts & Cultures writer for my college newspaper. That means I get to establish my own voice as a fashion writer and will even get some lunch money for exploring and relating fashion to my student counterparts. I’m ecstatic. So much of the fashion world is marketed towards the 18-24 year old age group, that I think it is a great opportunity to learn how to realistically relate the fashion world to that demographic. In addition, I’ll be getting to  create material that establishes my voice as a writer and I’ll be gleefully forced into expanding my horizons as someone with an eye for style!

Back to the show

It was located in a contemporary-looking studio just blocks from Portland Sewing. The designers showcased a handful of outfits each, and I had a ball trying to take decent pics for the paper and also ogling at the handiwork of the artists. The artists ranged from funky to sleek and all of the designs felt very Portland-friendly. I caught up with a couple of the designers post-show and snagged some interviews. You’ll have to check back when I post the article! I can’t give it all away, silly! Haha. Overall, it was an exciting introduction to what the world of Portland fashion looks like, but, rather was a look at what the Portland fashion world could look like. The majority of these designers were new up-and-comers surrounded by supportive friends and family.

Take a peek at some of the pics I snagged!

DSC00073 DSC00090 DSC00095 DSC00142 DSC00152 DSC00162 DSC00167 DSC00172 DSC00176

Conveniently, this week is also a big week for Portland Fashion, and to really get a look at what’s going on with PDX style, you best be blocking out your iCal from 6-8 for the next couple nights. The Portland Mercury, an alternative local newspaper centered around culture and hilarity, is hosting its 9th annual Portland Fashion Week. This is a 4 night event taking place at hot-spot bars around town and showcases some of Portland’s most iconic names. With half of my friends out of town, and the other half busy on a Monday night (go figure) I decided to fly solo and be a silent pair of eyes on this lovely evening at the first event  at the White Owl Social Club. I wasn’t flying solo for long, though, and quickly saw a familiar faces from my talent agency, the Fashion Forward show, and Portland Sewing! Turns out being a fly on the wall with bright red hair is pretty hard, and I must have looked lost because I was quickly invited to sit with two really cool former midwesterners (like me!) What’s crazier- is that one actually knew my sister from high school half a country away! I’m always down to rock it as a party of one, but it was awesome to meet some like-minded people willing to start up some fun conversation.

The designers from tonight’s show are iconic of PDX and included Holly Stalder, Liza Rietz, Emily Ryan. I was dazzled by the clearly skilled and professional quality of the garments, intricacy of the shapes and fabrics, and of the individual flair that each lady added to her collection. Two thumbs down for my iPhone memory needing some emergency deletion as the first outfits waltzed down the rope-lighted runway. And lyk #omg so glad I got in an instagram of the last look (it was featured in the Mercury) the instagods do exist! 😉

Here are a few pics of some of my favorites!  Apologies that the iPhone did them no justice, but I hope that you can get a good idea of what is going on. The structure, accessories, and presentation were all better experienced in person. You’ll just have to come with me tomorrow and see! 🙂

IMG_0026 IMG_0025 IMG_0024_2 IMG_0023_2 IMG_0022_2 IMG_0021_2 IMG_0020_2<<< that was my fave!

Check out the promo pic:


This has been a really fun few days of seeing fashion coming to life. Also, it’s a great reminder that Portland is a phenomenal place to be. As one of my new friends said as she was waiting on her sliders:

“Where else can you go to a fashion show and order a cheeseburger?”

I don’t know, but I’m guessing unicorns are there. If not, I’m just fine right here.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be one step closer to making my own creations come to life in my dresses class. I’ll make sure to do a progress report, and if you want more updates I’d love to keep you in the loop!

Follow on twitter @dorkychickPDX and on instagram @dorkychickinlipstick !

xo – until tomorrow!

Men’s Fashion Week 2013: dudes in skirts, dudes with no hands, and dudes that may not be dudes

It’s men’s fashion week in Europe! That means a bunch of dudes are dressing up in designer duds to woo the affections of the fashion world for the Fall of 2013. London, Milan, and Paris. As expected, suits were aplenty. Some stayed classic, of course, but some also ventured into the realm of the unknown. I saw a lot of cheetah print… very “grrr” Austin would be proud…


Here is a quick look at some highlights:

Burberry- the same thing we expect every year with cheetah print shoesImage

J.W. Anderson- I will pay $20 to any of my guy friends to wear this out and use pick up lines on girlsImageSaint Laurent- the edgy cool thing is cool but men also like hamburgers- give him oneImage

Rick Owens- imagine him ordering a frappucino…. Image

Louis Vuitton- okay, had to sneak in a good suit… teeheeImageThom Browne magician maybe? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rabbit in that hat….Image

Comme de Garcons : what guy doesn’t want to look like a girl at Disneyland? Image

Versace- hands: who really needs them? 


I barely skimmed the surface, but that’s an idea of  just… creative things can get. I definitely suggest heading over to and looking at the photo galleries.

What I want to know is who wears these things?  Dandies, I suppose (and my goodness are they fabulous) But what about a cheeseburger-eating-football-watching-whiskey-drinking-pickupline-using-late-twenties dude out and about in this:


Attention readers: if you can find someone that meets above criteria out in a public place wearing a fashion-week-worthy outfit, please take a picture and send it to me. If it’s awesome, I’ll send you $5  which is good for a sizable latte or a dive-bar well drink, and we will cheers.

One thing is for certain though, it may be sunny in Portland, but over in at Fashion Week in Europe ……

😉 xo

DorkyChick Diaries: Just a taquito with a dream and a pickle joke

The good news: it’s been unusually beautiful here in Portland, with clear, blue skies and temps in the 70s and 80s.

More good news: my in-home sauna is included in my rent, and it’s on all the time.

This phenomenon is also known as no air conditioning, which means I am roasting like a Cinco de Mayo taquito. Real talk, though, my apartment is toasty as all hell and that means less time for creative sewing projects and drawing practice. Right now, I’m doing what I can to be an observer of the fashion world outside of the house. I admit, I have really saturated myself and I think I’m seeing metaphorical grey hairs. My house is scattered with magazines, my twitter is filled with style blogs and celebrities, and I’ve been creepily admiring stylish outfits around town. A few times I’ve popped my head in clothing shops and thought to myself “oh, I’ll take a peek and look for some summer stuff”  but in these huntings for warm weather fancies, I’ve found that I’m wanting to smack my head against a brick wall. I’m on sensory overload! There is seemingly no limit to color, shape, size, style, and price point. Gone are the days of simple tops and bottoms, forgotten are the days of the gender specified garments, and one-trend-fits-all mentality.

It’s evident that mainstream fashion has really reached the 21st century, because conformity  isn’t the norm any longer. Why would I settle for pants and a shirt when I could have a silky see-through tunic, a patterned camisole, pleather leggings, and boots that are also sandals!?  And nobody would even think me strange for rocking that in a grocery store! On the other hand, it would be just as sensible for me to go find a standard shorts/sandals/tank look, but therein lies the struggle as I have to sift through manufactured frays, patterns, fabrics, prices, and lengths before I can even get to the dressing room! *gasp for air*

Sure there are trends! The high-low skirt, the printed pant, and the summer scarf are practically everywhere. However, I would suggest a case for the disintegration of trends as being boxes to check for of-the-moment wardrobe relevance.  Variety appears to me as the biggest trend. I think it’s going to be more difficult than ever to say “oh that is such a 2010’s trend”. We’ve made such a habit of recycling the past 100 years of design, that truly “new” hardly exists anymore. Those who claim to be independents are really going to find themselves in a pickle if they think that clothing is truly the answer to deflecting conformity. Or they could just wear this.. then they’d really be in a pickle.


I hope a ticklish person buys this.

tee hee.

Perhaps it’s unrealistic to consider fashion to have a future as something it isn’t already. But let’s not turn this into  a philosophy blog 🙂  

My time spent these past few beautiful weeks of observation have led me to put down the magazines to attempt a handful of dressing rooms where I found less that suited me than I’d hoped. This led me to Target for some fingers-crossed budget hunting that ended in 4 grey and white tanks and tees.


I was looking for trends, but the problem is, trends seemed to evade me! The magazines say they are there, the stores put them in their windows, but with so many stores and so many window and so many “trends” I started to shake my head. Were I relegated to a specific demographic, I’d be set, but I’m not! Specificity doesn’t seem to appeal to me or my peers quite as much as it once did, such as in decades past when standards were more arguably uniform. Today, you can look like a punk-princess/safari-mailman/businesswoman, but then how to differentiate or express oneself next to the nautical-femme/boho-rainforest-clubdancer? Both are a mishmosh of inspirations, ideas, and repeated shapes and colors. Both are so hot right now.

It’s a style trap, with no style map.

I hit a turning point when doing some troubleshooting on Google. I had searched “wardrobe checklist” and up came list after list of must-haves for each season, lifestyle, and every which way in between. No two lists were alike. The bottom line was to just not be naked, I guess, and the only clear pattern was that there was no pattern. You can’t express yourself on a checklist, and I’m more sure than ever that all I really care to do is express myself. If I do that, then I can’t lose.  This doesn’t mean I have to reject all the trends, this doesn’t mean I don’t wish to faun over designers, nor does it mean that the fashion industry has lost it’s ability to captivate me. It just means that we’re in a new era. Which may be a “duh” factor to you, but it really seemed to sink in with me this week as I shook my head at wardrobe lists telling me I needed 4 different kinds of panty-hose and only 3 casual (a.k.a. not spelled out for me) outfits.

I think that’s why I want to be a designer. I know I’m not a punk-princess/safari-mailman/businesswoman or a fraction of it, but I know myself, and I have to express that. I won’t always find what I’m looking for at the mall, and if I can create what I can’t find, then it can become part of my ability to communicate. Each garment can be a word in my fashion language, meant to share with any and all who want in on the conversation.

I came up with a new checklist for Summer 2013

Wardrobe Checklist: Dorky Chick in Lipstick Style


images-6  Outfits for kicking ass

images-6 Outfits for laughing really hard in

images-6 Outfits for living it up

images-6 Outfits for feeling like $1,000,000,000 (yes, billion)

images-6 Outfits for matching your outside to your inside ❤


This could mean owning half the merch in this month’s InStyle, or this might mean that pantyhose and pantsuits are still key players behind your closet doors. What’s important in 2013 is that we recognize that we’ve hit a privileged sweet spot of more fashion freedom than ever before.  As long as we’re expressing our hearts as our sleeves, we can’t go wrong. 


This week I learned a lot, but I know I need to get back to my art supplies. I’m glad I got to take a break, get some sun, and let that vitamin D reinvigorate my spirits. Right now, I’m a sleepy lady with an early morning. And I can think of a perfect outfit that will check the one-billion-dollar box 🙂

….my PJ’s, of course.

Goodnight readers new and old.