Pineapple eye massage

It’s Spring Break for meeee! Yippee!!! Just got done with finals and I am in desperate need of an eye massage. My eyes have been stressing themselves out this week, and they need something pretty to look at! Checking out my notes, spellchecking my essays, and of course checking boxes on my to-study list. I’ll tell you the only kind of checks I’m really interested are these from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 collection ! Although if anyone has a blank check they’d like to give me I think I’d have an interest in that too…..



Reviving granny panties and throwing out bras? I think my dreams are coming true.






Twin convention? Or did nobody tell me it’s twin day for homecoming week??!







The Spring collections actually debut in Fall, so I’m well aware this is all old news to any fashionistaaaas, but I’m feeling Springy now! And this is my blog I do what I want. 🙂 


Fun fact: This show was actually only 6 minutes long, which is kind of crazy considering how much work it takes to make these sorts of things. 


What inspired Marc Jacobs (head designer for Louis Vuitton) to make this collection as stark and grid-like as he did, is actually a piece of minimalist installation art called Les Deux Plateau. Notice the varying lengths and bold contrasting lines. Jacobs captured the different heights through using the different lengths on the garments, and kept the streamlined look of the pole by giving boxy and lean silhouettes to the models that walked down the runway in pairs.


I have been a smitten kitten with these optimistic yellows and retro-esque shapes.   These signature checks have become my “Where’s Waldo” of the season, and celebs are popping up everywhere rocking their subtly-louis frocks.




^^ I never buy Elle magazine but was so excited to see Taylor in one of my favorite looks that I bought this month’s. Unfortunately I don’t get to wear the dress, but my coffee table does. 

I think I’m going on a hunt for some cheap checks of my own. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look like a

“big….beautiful… pineapple!” ?


Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 19.01.03


Or  date a guy named Doody…? 😛

Ahhhhh my eyes feel so much better! I think it’s time I run off to go find some Spring Break sun fun! My best friend Nadia is in town! More on that later.


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