Drawing progress! 4.03

Here’s a little peak at a drawing I did for my illustration class project. A drop-waist leather (okay actually it’s pleather, but that’s all Joann had…) with a layered lace skirt. The fabric for the bottom was a sample of the scraps I found on my Goodwill Outlet trip! This dress is anything but casual, and is meant to be an alternative evening gown. The kind of thing I’d like to see a rockstar wear to the Oscars! It has a sort-of Kristen Stewart inspired style, that meets the elegance and feist of Cameron Diaz during her brunette phase.




Another part of the assignment was to name the style, and so in honor of these two fashion icons, I call this the “Kameron” IMG_0001

Notes to future self:

– Stick to one pen with for the outline. Here I used a Staedler .1 and a .7… wish I would have stuck to the .1

– Consider adding more intricate lace detail

– Use more contrast to highlight the leather sheen

Pats on the back:

– I didn’t have to change the ethnicity due to over-coloring! Yay for motor skills!

– I chose a style I would really consider making! I am happy I chose to take the time to really design something that is an honest reflection of my design style

– It didn’t take me 3 hours to draw the body!! This means more time for my Prisma color markers and creativity!

Progress has been made!! Cheers to sucking less :)!

Back to work for this red head. Thanks for reading!


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