Pics of my trrrrenday outfit 4.17

Got in some cardio doing some shopping today looking for some quick fixes for a headshot session tomorrow with the uber-talented Levy Moroshan and MUA Aimee J’Adore. Stay tuned- I’ve got some words about the process on my end, and eventually I will have new pictures. (Yes, ones that weren’t taken with a macbook. Don’t give me that look) I’ve been having some uncertainty in finding the right pops of color to rock this spring with my new flaming hurrr-do, and this helped me branch out! Watch out for hot pinks, pastel periwinkle, and electric lime!


Check out these groovy pants and perfect warm-weather shirt!

Top $15.80 Forever 21

Pants$17.80 (I KNOW, I KNOW- TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IT’S TRUE PEOPLE) Also, Forever 21

Oh, and welcome to my living room.


These pants don’t have pockets, and quite honestly, I’m thrilled. It would have made them just few dollars more for something I don’t need. I’ve got cute purses for holding stuff! *A definite note-to-self as I think about making myself pants in the future*


TIme for a pedi… don’t look at my toes.^^


^^ This is totally what it would be like if we were gabbing on my couch



I’m off to go out in the cloudy weather! But I’ll be pretending its sunny in my new duds!


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