BLOGRESS REPORT: What I’ve been doing this month!

Today I had my annual pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and autumn roast coffee as I sat in the sun on my porch on a sewing break. It was magical, and nice to take a breather. I’m living coffee to coffee, but getting a lot done along the way. Here are some pics and links that give a snapshot of what Fall 2013 is looking like so far.

High-profile journalism: For my first fashion article for the year click here!

Laboring of love : check out this spoiler on the dress I’ve been making with the brocade (that’s the greenish fabric) that I got at Mood NYC! Not quite done, and will post more as soon as it is done!



Intern Extraordinaire: 

As some of you know, I’ve recently acquired a new gig interning for an awesome local designer, so awesome, in fact, that she has dazzled the likes of Zac Posen and Heidi Klum! 

Meet Michelle Lesniak!



She was the winner of Season 11 for Project Runway, and now she is back in Portland doin’ her thing and being a local fashion rockstar. A couple weeks ago I got to be an extra set of hands on her promo shoot for an upcoming website revamp, and I’ve been getting to spend some time seeing what life is really like for an independent designer. So far I am absolutely loving it!  Not only am I getting to spend a few hours a week breathing some designer lifestyle into my lungs, but the ladies are a great team to work with and get to know. I’ve recently being doing a little documenting as a good intern should, so to share, here are a couple Vines from the past couple weeks! 

Here is Michelle giving the camera a little love in her own design at the shoot: 

This is a VERY small little sneak peek into what Michelle is busy working on for FashioNxt– NEXT WEEK! Exciting times. 


Oh yeah, and on top of all this I still gotta pay rent… SO I’m off to work! This next week will be a ball with FashioNXT Fashion week and I am excited to report back! Have an awesome rest of your weekend, friends, and enjoy those beautiful falling leaves!!

TTFN- ta ta for now!



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