Blog update! No time for a creative title because I have stuff to do! kloveyoubye!

I was just listening to some song on Songza that was like a meditation track and I had to quick change it because I almost fell asleep at the blog. I’m coming off of a whirlwind weekend of family fun with my pageant family in Seaside. There was an overabundance of everything wonderful, and now I am forcing my eyes to stay open because of the residual effects of so much merriment.


It’s been a minute. I’ve carried out my caffeine fueled days of answering front desk phone calls, taking drink orders, sitting in lectures, and tying loose life details. It hasn’t been a monumental month since last I blogged but it has been a momentous one. 

What I’ve been learning:

Interning for Michelle continues to shed light on the big bad fashion world. You know, fashion designers are fairly normal business people. I hate to kill the mystique, but even when you get TV time, you still have to do grunt work like running errands to the fabric store, getting product shipped, and keeping your website fresh. I’ve continued doing my intern-y things and have been a sponge to the experience. I’m learning you have to keep going, keep expanding, and welcome opportunity. There is no doubt that she is a flipping incredible designer and deserves all the credit she gets, but even people who have “made it” still have to think for the future. It’s comforting to know things never get easier with success, they only offer a larger scope for future successes. 

What I’ve been loving:

I’ve been feeding my fashion appetite with chunky sweaters and scarves and pairing with sleek boots and romantic accent colors like foggy amethysts, mossy green, moody black, and cozy camel. It is time to move into winter and any excuse to bundle up while staying stylish is a good one. I’m especially obsessed with the below-knee Mad Men-esque skirt length!  Have a look into my brain via Polyvore collage! 



What I’ve been making:

I may not be a crazy red headed lady forever, so I found this year to be an opportune time to live out my Disney dreams via Halloween costume. With a little help from a strapless undergarment for the top, I sewed a tail skirt and bandeau top of some excitingly sparkly fabric and spent the night of festivities as Ariel from the Little Mermaid!


(the tail is actually attached to my hand so I could look like I was swimming. A borrowed idea, but still effective!) 


What I’ve been writing:

Wanting to take something drab to fab, I wrote an article with styling ideas for the classic college t-shirt. Click here if you care to take a peek! 


Thanks for checking in! I’ll update again this week. I’m pouring more energy into my life than I have in too long and I’m glad I did. Time on this planet is too short , don’t you think? 


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