Pics of my trrrrrrrendayyyy outfit 5.02






May is here and it has brought some deeeelightful weather along with it! I’m resurrecting my summer scarves, tanks, and beloved maxi skirts for some chillaxication! I’m all about maxi skirts and think this trend has serious staying power. Comfort, versatility, and flair factor make me think I need to do some stocking up for the summer. I’ll do some research and report back! In the mean time, feel free to waste some of your time checking out how I wore it.


Here’s me practicing frolicking:Image




My upside down watch says it’s time to go play. 

That means you too 😉

xo have a great weekend 🙂

Pics of my trrrrrenday outfit 3.24.




 Being the imposter Portland trendster that I am, today I decided that a subdued color motif and jeans I wore yesterday would truly capture the essence of a casual urban Sunday in the “city of roses”. My team of elite stylists agree that presentation is everything, so I made sure not to wash my hair, put makeup on, or put contacts in. I would have definitely destroyed this powerful statement of hip-ness… OH the things I do for fashion!ImageImageImageImageImage

Now if only I could find a bird to put on it…….


Happy Sunday- more blogventures tonight. xo