My e-incubator


All sensory experience is not created equal. Life swirls around our little heads and we absorb what we can; what comes naturally. I’m inclined to believe its the sensations that make the largest impressions on us that tend to make us feel “alive” or engage us. Some are engaged through what’s heard; whether it be sweet melodies or igniting conversation. Some are adept in their ability to feel and touch in a way where their physical bodies are their greatest tool.  And some experience flavors in a way that has recreated the way we think about nourishing ourselves and tasting the earth’s richness.

As for me, my life is governed by what I interpret visually. It’s colors that speak to me, shapes that delight me, and visual textures that intrigue me.

So thank goodness for prescription eyewear, or I wouldn’t see a dern thang!

I’m starting a blog. Nay, I’m activating my e-incubator, dunking my brain in artistic marinade, and turning on my engine to warm up the dream machine. I love the fanciful ways of womanhood; a great mani, a voluptuous hair day, or a flash pair of heels. But it’s also no secret to anybody who knows me that I am dorky as they come. I am no stranger to talking yelling in accents until the voicemail cuts me off, laughing at my own punny jokes, and snapchatting my best friends photos of my face in the most distorted grimaces I can manage. Life is better goofy. And I’ve learned that being both of these things is just being Caroline.

What I’m lacking, and why am blogging, is inspiration.

In my visual world, I’ve grown affectionate towards clothing; ornate garments, tactfully structured pieces, and striking explosions of color. I aspire to create fashion. I want to harvest the fruits of my daydreams. I want to establish and enable expression through art. In order to be inspired, once must collect inspiration. Expect to see trends that excite me, thoughts that plague me, projects I’ve taken on, and anecdotes of my journey.  Expect short blogs, long blogs, pic blogs, vid blogs, fashion blogs, irrelevant blogs, angry blogs, elated blogs, no blogs, and, perhaps, whoa! blogs.  Expect candidness, puns, things that are funny, things I think that are funny and you don’t, and an honest reflection of a steep learning curve.

Essentially, I’m leaving my diary unlocked…. which sounds like a terrible idea now that I think about it.

Sometimes terrible ideas are the best ones.

Welcome to my blog.

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