Gravity and Gucci

Gravity, in many ways, is anti-art. You sculpt something; it sits there. You paint something; it’s stuck on the canvas. It doesn’t let these labors of expression swim freely through the air seeking out anyone who might need some inspiration. We take all these art-things and plant them in museums, homes, offices, and other miscellaneous places while we wait for people to pass through to come reap the benefits of their aesthetics.

Just last week I was in a cafe and a woman in her late 50’s walked through the door wearing deep turquoise from head to toe (much like that color in the middle pic below!). Belted trench, ankle length pants, five-inch heels, a floral scarf and hot pink lipstick. I don’t normally turn my head for women(ha)…but as soon as she walked in my head turned and I saw this fresh dash of energy.  I was instantly happier. She was a walking expression of the beautiful sunny day in one of the rainiest cities in America.

In my alternate reality, where I am a filthy rich superstar with a walk-in closet, I am wearing the Gucci 2013 spring collection.

It’s got groundhog-may-care explosions of color that avoid apologetically pastel and dismal neutrals, and instead uses hues that are shouting out a celebration of vitamin D! I love it because even though I can’t afford it (price points ranging 1500-7000 for ready-to-wear) I will have no trouble making it Portlandable. Let’s face it Portlanders– ain’t nobody gonna be walkin down the street in one of these beautiful getups:

us_ss13_fs_wrtw_4_001_web_look_1upus_ss13_fs_wrtw_14_001_web_look_1up us_ss13_fs_wrtw_21_001_web_look_1up

Columns of color are my absolute favorite thing in fashion. I love having an outfit that doesn’t apologize for being orderly and also eye-catching. I did a little e-hunting for info about this collection. Turns out Gucci designer Frida Giannini primarily designed these bold looks as daywear- making her evening collection a showing of mostly blacks and whites.  It was late 1960’s/70’s inspired with tunics and trousers, oversized ruffles, and complete with ornate beaded works of art that looked like fairytale jewels atop clean, bright blasts of color. Of the countless photos I’ve sifted through from this season’s trends, these floral-hued slaps in the face were the only things that woke me right up.

Notes for myself on what I’ve learned about my style:

– Memorability wins over details

– I love columns of color

– I identify with the balance of elegance and playfulness

– I’ve learned you can express yourself even if you are getting a bagel and coffee, and you just might brighten someone’s day

Gravity, in many ways, is anti-art. It binds our art to the earth’s surface. If we aren’t creating our own, we can’t expect to reap the benefits unless we find it. Whether it be nature’s art, like a flower, or human art, like a museum installation, it is unmoving.

Lucky for us, we have feet to seek out art and spread art, and it will continue to awaken our spirits.

But what if we let it defy gravity? What if we let it surround us?

I guess that means

fashion is art defying gravity.

And until I can send canvases floating down the streets of my neighborhood, I think I’ve found some new meaning in my morning routine…

…or lack-thereof  0:-)

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