Caroline McGowan: International Shopper of Mystery

My Monday fashion class assignment for this week was to do a little comparison shopping. At 3 different stores with different pricepoints with the same garments. I opted to pick my two favorite looks of the season and do a little shopping… With fingers crossed for no unexpected purchases…  🙂

So on my break between classes, I zipped downtown to do a little research!

My clothing crush on the Gucci spring looks I blogged about yesterday was a must-find muse, and I also opted to hop on the B&W bandwagon because this isa striking, yet more wearable trend for P-town.

So here you have it!

If I sold my car:

(prices not listed)

ImageGucci Spring 2013 RTW via

If I didn’t buy groceries until May..or June:

Store: BCBG

Ah yes. Mama likey. Just pricey enough that I felt like they could set the standard as top tier, but not too pricey that I would be too afraid to get any skin cells on the fabric. The store was baron, so I was in and out in a jiffy. Thank goodness I got out with my lunch money still in my pocket!

Left: Jacket: $368, pants: $228, tank: $68

Right: Jumper: $248, necklace: $98


If I was searching for style in in a conservative world:

Store: GAP

Older crowd here, and definitely for a more structured lifestyle. If I needed something less flash but still with flair, you’d find me there! Still not sure the boxy cut was worth $50 bones, but I understand that can also be forgiving for people that don’t have wiener dog torsos like me.

Left: Shirt: $22.95, Jeans:$ 69.95

Right: Sweater: $44.95, Ankle pants $49.95, Necklace: $29.95


If I’m willing to support copy-cats for cheap:

(Oh wait… I am. Bought these pants)

Store: H&M 

Quality of materials was definitely compromised and less garments were lined. The pattern on the pants was clearly adapted from the same inspiration as the BCBG pants, but instead of silk fabric they were made of a thick, stretchy cotton blend and the details on the printed lace were less clear. But they say if a man on a horse can’t tell then it’s not worth worrying about! Next time I’m wearing my new pants and I see one of those horse cops I’ll ask him.

Left: Jacket: $34.95, Tank: $24.95, Pants: $34.95

Right: Dress:$17.95, Necklace: $17.95


Vat ve have learn here:

Fashion doesn’t always have to mean quality, but when I was wearing $800 dollars worth of clothing, I felt like $800 bucks. The conservative comfies at Gap were definitely not as satisfying as those BCBG duds but it was nice to know that even a mom on the go could find something worthy of spring flair and lunch with friends.  For me, it’s $35 dollar finds at H&M  that allow me to bide my time on a student budget, and still give me a boost that lets me gussy up when I go out for a bevy on the weekends.

Fortunately for everyone involved, I found this mystery shopper hat at the end of my journey…


Maybe next time, shady egg hat, maybe next time.

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