I guess croquis isn’t food, but talking about them still makes me hungry

Croquis drawing (pronounced crow-key) is a style of sketching and illustration used in fashion design that showcases the fantasy of the designer. Famous for their proportions of “nine heads”, characteristics of these drawings are extra long legs, cartoonish renderings of garments, loosely scribbled patterns, and sassy poses. This is the first step in the design process and is where the imagination can run wild. It is the initial funnel between the dreamland of fashion and the real world runway. If done perfectly they should look a lot like mine: Image

OKAY so maybe not, but don’t worry. I’m seeing progress already! And more on that in a minute. All designers use croquis and they are truly part of what makes the design process so fantastical.

I’m sure you have seen them before, but here is an awesome example I found:


It’s like Versace has been stealing my ideas. Mine looks just like these. 😉

I took a drawing class my freshman year at OSU. Got a B. I enjoyed it, was okay at it, but was more interested in the cute guys in my class rather than the fruit basket. So when I was recommended a fashion drawing class, by George, I took it! This weekend was the first of two weekends of all-day classes, and after weekend one of learning to sketch, I no longer feel like such a lost cause. 

We went from bald and faceless stumpytown squatty…





 … to fabulegs stumptown hotty!



I can’t take credit for this at all, and was simply lucky to have a great teacher to walk me through it. And there are more than this, but I kinda liked the side view and her hair.. and I’m the designer so I get to decide what goes on the blog 😉 More to come.

So, cheers- to sucking less! 

Now I just need to draw these models some cheeseburgers.

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