I’m sorry, Macklemore is unavailable right now

I popped some tags. I had twenty dollars in my pocket. I was hunting; looking for a “come-up”. It was _________ awesome.

Thrifting is as trrrrreennnday as ever right now with much thanks to the popular Macklemore song “Thrift Shop”, so I felt it is high time I did an  investigative report on this craze.


A couple weeks ago, some inspiration came by way of a reader recommendation that I check out this hilarious blog called “Bins Babes”. These fashion comedians recreate look-alikes to high fashion runway outfits out of the scrapings of the Goodwill Outlet bins. For those of you who have never been to a Goodwill Outlet, it is a smelly warehouse full of troughs of items that were rejected at regular Goodwill stores. Shoppers hoard whatever they can find into shopping carts as they dig through these piles of clothing and assorted goods, weigh it in a scale, and then pay per pound for their items.


It’s something around a dollar per pound, maybe a quarter or two more but I can’t remember specifics. Its dirt cheap and emphasis on the dirt. Truth be told, I never had heard of this bins phenomenon until I saw this ridiculousness that is Bins Babes and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

tumblr_inline_mjkqzoZwnL1qz4rgp-1 tumblr_inline_mjkr1eA4cz1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mjkr4yohuI1qz4rgp

I think the word I would use here is “impressive”. How hilarious/awesome is that!

I had to see these magic bins with my own eyes and find out if there were any diamonds hiding in the rough with my name on it. Unlike Bins Babes, I did not have any intention of scoring any look-alikes, but I hoped that perhaps I’d find something worth a couple bucks I could snag for my closet. So my friend Stephanie and I set out on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon with “twenty dollas in our pocketttts” to see what there was to see.

Tucked away, just off the highway, the outlet parking lot is full of Goodwill trucks. We snagged a parking spot, and proceeded inside to find ourselves inside the sliding doors, facing rows on rows of big bins that had mountains of clothing.


Hey, it looks just like my apartment!

First things first, Steph put this on and cast a magic spell so we could get the good thrift juju going….

IMG_0013 IMG_0014




My finds were this long suit jacket and lace fabric. I think this belonged to the tallest, thinnest businessman in all the land. We agreed the fabric would be fun to make a little minidress out of and stick under this boxy, yet femme jacket.

Total spent: $4.04

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

Stephanie nabbed a couple pairs of jeans for mere tuppins and found some decent H&M garb along the way.

Total spent: $5.02

IMG_0015 IMG_0016

Realizing there was nowhere to go but up, we decided to check out another thrift store, Red, White, & Blue. I had heard good things, and it even had online recommendations. So we cruised on down to get a little look-see for ourselves.

After what we had just seen, this place looked like Nieman Marcus. Clothes had hangers! Garments were hung by color and category! It didn’t smell like feet!

This is where the real fun began. Steph got a tough-girl sleeveless button-up, an instagram worthy sweater, a sterling silver ring, and a flirty summer skirt. Putting her only 80 some cents over her 20 dollar budget.


I, on the other hand, went over budget, and here’s why.


This jacket, made of French rabbit fur, is a vintage piece I found just nestled in the jacket rack. On the way in, they had displayed a slightly larger fur jacket for $120 bones, and while that is a good deal, was not good enough for me. This timeless piece I stole  purchased respectfully for thirty bucks.  I knew it was over budget and vacillated as I shopped around the store; leaving the piece on the hanger in the cart. But what sealed the deal, was as I got towards the check out, I started to have customers eyeing my find and circling my cart like vultures. I kid you not! One man even got his face all up in it and was prodding me to find out more about it. Another woman was nearly salivating as she mentioned it’s value.   Not only was it irresistibly soft and classically beautiful, it was worth a hellova lot more than $30!! So I did it. I went over budget. They made me!!! I couldn’t say no!!!!

Still not mad about it.

Wait! That’s not all I found!! I also go this super-duty bomber jacket in the men’s section for $8…


This tank top for $2…. (it looks better in person)


And I scored a sweet geode necklace I wore in my last blog!

(Accessorizing on a budget is a whooolllleee additional blog, mind you. I’ll be helping out my friend Loren as we take on the challenge of accents and flair in the next couple weeks!)

The best part of the day? Washing my hands! 

I jest, but it really was a fun-filled adventure into a glimpse of thrifting! So often us shoppers get lured in by the pretty displays and “sale” signs, as we think about making our next purchase. I found out on this venture, however, that there is some serious style to be found out there! Treasure hunts aren’t just for pirates! They are for fashionistas and fashionistos! (I’m talking to you, Macklemore)

On top of that, I am happy to have lived through the experience, and I’d like to take a moment of silence to honor those thrifters who weren’t so lucky.


I’m sorry, buddy. I’ll be thinking of you at the great big white bins in the sky. *sniffle*

Thanks to everyone for reading this far! I know it was a long one. To Stephanie for being my accomplice, to Ashley for sharing Bins Babes, and to Bins Babes for being hilarious. And especially to the idiot at Red, White, & Blue for totally mis-marking that jacket price! 


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