Eye Massage: Proenza Schouler

In an effort to improve my fashion-savviness, I have been researching different designers so that my vernacular can become more stylish. I tikka-tikkaed my way to “style.com” to look for some things I could educate myself on. Style.com is an amazing resource for fashion knowledge seekers. One of my favorite things is that they have a full photo gallery from fashion shows of the top designers. I decided to find a name I didn’t know very well, and make a little homework for myself!

Let’s talk about Proenza SchoulerImage

Pronounced “pro-en-za skoo-ler”, Proenza Schouler is a modern luxury brand that is the blood, sweat, and tears of designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. These two met in design school at Parson’s, and now are only  11 years deep in the fashion industry with their label, which is named after both of their mother’s maiden names. 


My favorite part? These two are self-proclaimed “dorks”. My kin! 


I’m newly obsessed with these designs. They are edgy, upscale, feminine, and have the element of playfulness that I hope to incorporate into my own designs. The pieces are consistently structured and sleek, giving the clothes a bit of a menswear feeling, yet are flashy enough for a woman. 


Here is an eye massage perfect for Monday evening! These are some favorites of mine from the Spring 2013 Read-to-Wear Collection. 


I am “ready to wear” any of these!




ImageLook at these boot/sandal things below. Mama likey.ImageThis red would certainly stop traffic!ImageImageImage




I would not want to cross paths with a snake that color!Image



If your face is on there, can you claim royalties? ImageImageImage

Price points are in the thousands, so I think I’ll have to wait until I strike it rich…

Or maybe not!  These shiny fabrics and stiff lines remind me of the duct tape dress crazy. Check out these duct tape lookalikes: 






See! You TOO can have the high-fashion flair of Proenza Schouler- as long as you have a little duct tape and some know-how! 🙂 

Just remember to not put the tape directly on your skin…..



Congratulations on being smarter now than you were 5 minutes ago, and thanks for reading my blog!

Have a good one, fools! 😉


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