It is okay to be legally an adult and still play make believe

One of the most fantastic things about writing this blog and taking fashion classes is that I have a wonderful excuse to play make believe. I may pretend to do grown-up things from time to time like pay my rent, cook my own meals, and occasionally do my own laundry, but don’t be fooled! I like to get my markers and pencils out, draw pictures, and make up stories about them.

It’s all a part of my professional future ūüėČ

Remember my fabulously aged muse? For a refresh, check out my blog Psychics ARE real and they work at Jimmy John’sImage

I was assigned to come up with three designs/a mini collection of clothes for a 65+ city dweller who’s style-savvy has been beyond her years and beyond her peers since she set foot on the scene. She’s got the means to have taste, yet has the mind to be playful with her own flair.

In addition to this fabu-lady, I needed to come up with some textures and images that I found inspiring and appropriate. Cue pictures:

images-2 2011_top_fashion_100_long_hair_blackimages-3 images-4 images-5images-6images-9images-1images-7 images-10images-8 images

Mix it all together and whaddaya got!?! You get this! 


This madam is looking tre “ooh la la” in these three looks.

Look 1: The “Park Parka”¬†This long-hair fur jacket is as warm as it is chic! A ruffled petticoat-like detailing on the bottom and hand-made glass buttons give it that extra sum’n-sum’n. Wool slacks taper into ankle cuffs to show off her bedroom slipper statement heels. She may live in a major metropolitan area, but she is just certain to run into¬†somebody¬† she knows. Either that, or she needs to prove her class in case her pooch displays less than “top dog” behavior.

Look 2: A cultured woman, she absolutely must have something for attending galas and soirees. She needs something that says “oh hello, dahhhling!” For these occasions, I’ve designed what I call the “Gala Dress”.¬†¬† Accessorized with her decades of collected baubles and vintage-femme turban. She’ll peer over her half-moon glasses at the “essence of humanity” as captured through oil pastel, and wonder if they meant to include that unmentionable in the skyline. Either way, it’s¬†magnifique.

Look 3: Sometimes Fluffy needs fresh air, so a weekend getaway is in order! Exhaling the frantic city energy, a drawstring-waist jumper is ¬†exactly what will keep her comfy on the train ride. Dubbed the “Weekender”,¬†you’d find our lavish lady maintaining her signature dark silhouette while incorporating her flair for pieces of panache. She flaunts playful accessories to let the world know she’s on her own terms, as per usual. The collar is a standing ruffled collar with magenta, zebra detailing, because she is letting out her wild side. Her pooch is barking in her Hamptons-ready tote, but her look is very “me-ow”.

And she lived stylishly ever after.


There you have it! As fun as it is to dream about living the urban socialite life, I’ll have to put my pens and fantasies away for another day. She’s pretty fab and all, but I’d say when I’m that age I think it will probably look a lot more like this:



Have a rockin’ Wednesday.



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