Pics of my trrrenndayyyy outfit 4.10 and a word on kitchen safety

I prefer sewing with fabric, but today I got a little aggressive slicing cheese for a lunchtime sandwich, and my index finger got to experience what it means to be a textile. To be brief, I ended up getting 6 stitches to mend that slice back together and didn’t even get to eat my sandwich.

On the upside, I got a trrrrenday new accessory that matches my new Target steal that I’m highlighting in today’s fa’blogger installment of Pics of my trrrrrrenday outfit!!!!!!

I really hit the bullseye the other day at Target (har-har) and came away with a couple fun, affordable pieces to prep my wardrobe for warmer weather! This white sweater/jacket is made of sweatshirt-like material. It looks like a biker jacket, and is as comfy as PJ’s! I’d call it a total steal for $34.99, because I can wear it as it’s own statement or to warm my chilly shoulders at nighttime.

Today’s photoshoot is on location in my kitchen. Cue the photos!



(s/o Iowa ^^)

Here’s a reenactment of how things went down. (Minus the sandwich)


I know this high-fashion shoot has all the glitz and glam that marketing campaigns are infamous for, but don’t be fooled- having proper kitchen safety can be more important than you think.

On behalf of myself and my finger, just buy the pre-sliced cheese next time.

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