Fabric De-whoa ! Adventures in fabric shopping!

Fabric buying is an essential part of the sewing process.





If you don’t have fabric, you like can’t sew like anything. 





My experience has been very limited in fabric shopping; a fairly routine task. Go to Joann’s.  Find something that doesn’t look like an old lady would quilt. Go home and sew. Back when I lived in Iowa, I’d mix it up and to Walmart occasionally. Tsk tsk.  But the time has come to graduate from that mentality! Living in a bigger city means more resources. I now have different stores to choose from, both independent and large chain! Usually between activities, I had been jetting out to Joann’s to stick in my safe routine, but this week I decided it was time to branch out for my new project.

I’d heard of Fabric Depot but I hadn’t yet been, so on a sunny Monday I set out to the other side of town to see what all the hubbub was about. This 1.5 acre sales floor boasts the largest selection of fabric in the nation, and I think I drooled all over the bolts out of excitement. For anyone who actually sews and designs their own fashions, they are probably shaking their heads and throwing their hands up and saying

where the hell have you been!?!

I’ve been living under here:


(Har har)

I was shaking my head in dismay but had to forgive myself and remember that this is fun! I frolicked amongst the different knits and weaves and silks and satins and chiffons and taffetas and broadcloths and linens and poplins and wools and linings and buttons and threads and zippers and clippers and it looked a lot like this:


Okay so maybe I didn’t, but that is exactly what I wanted to do! So many amazing things to see and feel.


IMG_0007_2IMG_0006_2IMG_0005_2Naturally there was a greater price range, but I was still able to find something unique that I needed for a decent price. Constructing garments isn’t necessarily the most cost effective method anymore. In fact, it’s probably more expensive– stay tuned and we will cover that topic another day. But like I always say, you never have to shop on a budget! As long as you buy on one! And as soon as I saw the “special occasion” section, I did just that.



OOh la la!!IMG_0010_2


Cha cha cha!!IMG_0008_2

Ay carumba!!! It’s a good thing I’m on a budget….

I’d been there so long people were starting to look at me funny….IMG_0011_2

So I called it a win and headed for the checkout!

There is a first time for everything, and I am pretty excited that at Fabric Depot this won’t be the last. I’ll tell you all about my fabrics and project next time. Thanks for staying tuned! I’ve been up to a lot of projects this week, but unfortunately that leaves me less time for typing.Also, it’s been sunny and beautiful, and vitamin D and cold beverages are really important of the creative process…   Be prepared for an explosion of Dorky Chick in Lipstick shrapnel on your newsfeed in the coming days!

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