WEEoooWEEoo: Project alert!… and a follow up on fabric!

So these past couple weeks have brought new excitement with the beginning of my intermediate dresses class. Each woman is given a different dress pattern of her choosing and over the next weeks we will complete it thoroughly!

“Uhh so you’re getting a pattern and making it? That’s it?” Yes. And also, no! This dress class incorporates pattern fittings, instruction on lining, new skills, and close supervision. So when I’m all done I’m going to have a dress that doesn’t just reflect skills I have, it will also be a showcase of new ones!

Here’s the pattern I chose:


This wrap dress  is an exclusive pattern of my sewing studio, but is clearly inspired by the classic design of Diane Von Furstenburg in the 1970’s as a way for women to look professional and also stylish in the workplace. It still holds that purpose today, but can be worn on any occasion that suits you!Image

My venture to Fabric Depot the other day was to scavenge through the myriad of cloth choices to find something that I would want to wear, that fit the criteria, and, most importantly, matched my hair (which is still difficult….)

I found a 100% cotton print that is sturdy, but has just a little give and is lightweight enough to wear in summer, but not too lightweight that it wrinkles easily! Some pretty fabrics didn’t stand up to the wrinkle test. (Tip: next time you are thinking about buying a clothing item or fabric, take a bit of the material and bunch it up in your hand. Release it, and see if the wrinkles stay. The more wrinkles, means the harder the garment is to maintain it’s original shape, and is something to take into consideration.)


This stuff passed the wrinkle test with flying colors, and I found a grey lining for a reasonable price that should hang nicely with it.

As you can see, it’s not really wearable yet…


But if Portland keeps having such nice weather I may never need it!



Time to go and soak up that vitamin D! Have a great Saturday, and thank you so much for reading! You may think I’m just saying that, but I’m not. It means a lot 🙂


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