Time to get TRRRENNNNDAAYYYYYYY 9.6 + exciting news!!

With the onset of autumn, I’m feeling the winds of change turn from tropical breeze to hairdryer-in-face. There is no more excuse to procrastinate the next steps, and I’m going to have to start acting like a big girl. I’m great at playing grown-up, don’t get me wrong. I’ve put on my share of business suits and I pay my bills, but rising to the occasion isn’t enough! It is time to embrace adulthood while I’m still wrinkle-free.

Cue this fantastic Facebook quote my friend Steph shared yesterday:



Forget half-assery! It is time for full-on assery!

Both cheeks.

With equally distributed badness.

So I woke up early on this drizzly morning, did my TIU workout, made my veggie egg scramble and coffee, and got dressed for a seminar on campus. It was such a grey day, I had to pull out the fall duds, and actually, I got as excited as a solar-powered chick can get about the cozy seasons to come.


^ rain boots = closest thing to amphibian-like superpowers


^ the coffee cup BEFORE the coffee traveler… If you are what you eat, I will soon be a hot black woman.


For anyone who doesn’t read backwards, that says:

“why yes, I am overqualified”

Teehee 🙂 Those are sticky notes, and I actually bought myself some a few years ago, used them up, and found more a while back that I just HAD to nab. I don’t know if implied narcissism is what motivates me or if I’m just threatened by the Cleaver-esque woman staring me down with that coy “my-floors-are-cleaner-than-yours” look.

Either way, it’s working. I solidified my class schedule this week, landed a PT office gig for my days between classes (which will be a styling endeavor- stay tuned!), and I also- WAIT FOR IT—

got a little position—-


…at FashioNXT’s Portland Fashion Week in October!

Yep! That’s right! I’ve confirmed with the FashionNXT folks that I will be an extra set of hands behind-the-scenes as a VIP host. That means making sure the distinguished guests get a first-rate experience. My not-so-inner hostess is thinking this is right up my ally. I’m pretty ecstatic about this opportunity to meet some fashion-minded people, get some hands-on knowledge, and mostly just that I will get to be a contributor to something I am so excited about!

No, I can’t get you tickets, nor do I have any other “mad hook-ups”, but I’m really pumped to announce this stepping stone in my fashion journey. 6 months ago when I started this blog, it was with the promise of future unknown milestones, and if this doesn’t count, I don’t know what does.

Mark your calendars Oct. 9-12, Portlanders, because it is going to be amaaaaze!


So cheers, guys! To the turning of many new leaves- the metaphorical ones and the literal fall leaves that are pending descenscion onto our rubber galoshes.


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