What I’ll do 20 years from now when I find this dress in Goodwill Bins

I present the Dorky Chick in Lipstick Decree:

You can always shop on an unlimited budget, as long as you spend within yours. 🙂

(And, yes, smiley faces are totally appropriate in decrees.)

Today’s budget for this girl was 2 bucks for clean clothes, 4 bucks for Numi Toasted Rice Tea and a Clif Bar, and a free seat on my couch with my laptop. Ahh a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon of luxury shopping (on budget!)

My latest crush is on this midi-length, soldier-print dress by Dolce & Gabbana. It is part of their 2013 Spring collection, so it is no wonder that it has my trend-dar going berserk! The vibrant hues make it a head-turner, while the print makes it interesting, yet, surprisingly not overwhelming. Like all of my favorite things to shop for, it is way out of my price range, but there is always hope that 20 years from now I can buy it at a vintage consignment store…right? *tear* Fortunately for both of us, this dress comes with free inspiration! That’s right! It didn’t cost me a darn thing to get my imagination churning when I saw it. And free is definitely in my budget 🙂

So here is the piece I was talking about!

The Dolce & Gabbana printed silk organza dress on the runway:


And here is the dress as I would style it! I chose two different looks that really speak to me and my personal style.


I love clean and classic, and thought that simple sophistication would be a great way of showing off the chicness of the garment. Gold detailing and nude, uncompromising heels give the dress a polished look, while the chunky black shades are an affirmation of confidence. Natural makeup and a sleek bun round out what this look, which is everything I love about being a woman; it is refined, yet has a certain amount of prowess that makes it sexy without being revealing.



I want to see this dress break some rules with it’s bold reds and contrasting blues. I love the idea of toning the dress down by bulking up with shameless accessories. The studs on the boots suddenly take the dress from high-tea to high-octane, and the layered necklace reinforces that the its not about the dress, but the woman in the dress. I also wanted to find another pattern to play with the print, and thought this Marc Jacobs was so crazy it just might work.  Of course she needs some of that crazy-wave hair and sunnies to keep it bold from head to toe.

A downside to falling in love with this dress is that it will be hard to go out and find a comparable version unless this style of fabric printing can become part of mainstream trends. I know that if I wanted to recreate this by just going to a fabric store and looking for fabric, I’d be hard pressed to find just what I’m looking for, and it would definitely be a challenge to make it original. That is probably good for Dolce & Gabbana, though, because intellectual property doesn’t exist in the fashion world. How do you think I find such good knockoffs?  But, that’s another blog for another day. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that prints like these start trickling down the fashion chain.

Well happy Friday to all! I hope you can get in some luxury shopping this weekend 🙂



What you do with Elmer’s glue is none of my business

Didn’t shower but still want to go shopping? Want to sprout 14 arms to hold up all your potential purchases to see if the work together?  Want to play make-believe superstar NYC fashion magazine editor?!?!?!?!

I DO! I DO! 

Well today is your lucky day! If you haven’t been already, let me introduce you to Polyvore.com. Polyvore.com is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to procrastination in awhile. On this website you are able to make collages of clothing items that are priced and linked, admire celebrity style, and choose graphics to make your collage unique. From there you post it to an online social media network and see how other people get inspired. It is one big arts and crafts party with no glitter in your hair or Elmer’s glue up your nose.

These past couple weeks as a redhead, I have found myself struggling to transition my wardrobe. All I ever want to wear is black! That’s all I wear to work, so during my days I want to mix it up. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t really account for a whole lot of new things right now, so I decided to check out Polyvore to create a style inspiration collage to launch……


Translation: if I’m going to pay good American money to ensure my head is going to look like a firework launched from a barrel of strawberries, I can’t look like I’m going to a funeral.

(Dorkychickinlipstick.com is not a reliable language translation resource, and cannot be held accountable for any miscommunication with you and people who actually speak Spanish.)

Here, I took photos from the website of similar hair colors and found styles that I think would work! I did an evolution of my style at the bottom to help illustrate that a transition from blacks to electric yellows isn’t so crazy after all. My favorite find was that purple floral shorts-suit.. It is actually from JC Penney! I haven’t ever found anything at JCP, but think I might have to check it out just for this affordable, yet chic look! The fit and the fabric are two big factors, and there are some things you just don’t know until you try. I found myself picking out a lot of the same type of things. It is like when you go shopping with a friend and they say “here! this looks like you!” It was cool to get to see all of those things in one space, and gave me great new perspective on “my style”.

So take a peek at what I’ve done, and maybe get inspired to make your own!

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 5.04.04 PM

SO go forth, my stylish friends! Check out Polyvore.com! It is an awesome way to feel like a high-fashion magazine editor and find new clarity on what your personal style is!

Now I’m going to take a nap…. way better in my bed than on a food court bench 🙂