Not too shabs: Lurneen sumfingz

I was enjoying some crummy gas station coffee (which I secretly love), listening to some afrobeat on Songza, and reading the May issue of Marie Claire (one of my faves) and while ogling at the Moroccan-inspired fashion spread, I came across two pages of photos with items I’d featured in my blog! On the left is from the Gucci 2013 Spring line, as featured in one of my earliest blogs Gravity and Gucci and on the right are those signature Louis Vuitton checks that popped off the runway and into my blog Pineapple Eye Massage !


You’d think by the time I hit higher education that I wouldn’t be so surprised to find real-world application of something I’m learning, but maybe I’m still scarred from long division…


*cough cough*


I think you get the point.

So thanks Marie Claire for giving me another reason to stay optimistic. Turns out this little project really is  teaching me a thing or two 🙂

Did you miss the entries on Gucci and LV?

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More to come! Thanks for reading!


What I’ll do 20 years from now when I find this dress in Goodwill Bins

I present the Dorky Chick in Lipstick Decree:

You can always shop on an unlimited budget, as long as you spend within yours. 🙂

(And, yes, smiley faces are totally appropriate in decrees.)

Today’s budget for this girl was 2 bucks for clean clothes, 4 bucks for Numi Toasted Rice Tea and a Clif Bar, and a free seat on my couch with my laptop. Ahh a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon of luxury shopping (on budget!)

My latest crush is on this midi-length, soldier-print dress by Dolce & Gabbana. It is part of their 2013 Spring collection, so it is no wonder that it has my trend-dar going berserk! The vibrant hues make it a head-turner, while the print makes it interesting, yet, surprisingly not overwhelming. Like all of my favorite things to shop for, it is way out of my price range, but there is always hope that 20 years from now I can buy it at a vintage consignment store…right? *tear* Fortunately for both of us, this dress comes with free inspiration! That’s right! It didn’t cost me a darn thing to get my imagination churning when I saw it. And free is definitely in my budget 🙂

So here is the piece I was talking about!

The Dolce & Gabbana printed silk organza dress on the runway:


And here is the dress as I would style it! I chose two different looks that really speak to me and my personal style.


I love clean and classic, and thought that simple sophistication would be a great way of showing off the chicness of the garment. Gold detailing and nude, uncompromising heels give the dress a polished look, while the chunky black shades are an affirmation of confidence. Natural makeup and a sleek bun round out what this look, which is everything I love about being a woman; it is refined, yet has a certain amount of prowess that makes it sexy without being revealing.



I want to see this dress break some rules with it’s bold reds and contrasting blues. I love the idea of toning the dress down by bulking up with shameless accessories. The studs on the boots suddenly take the dress from high-tea to high-octane, and the layered necklace reinforces that the its not about the dress, but the woman in the dress. I also wanted to find another pattern to play with the print, and thought this Marc Jacobs was so crazy it just might work.  Of course she needs some of that crazy-wave hair and sunnies to keep it bold from head to toe.

A downside to falling in love with this dress is that it will be hard to go out and find a comparable version unless this style of fabric printing can become part of mainstream trends. I know that if I wanted to recreate this by just going to a fabric store and looking for fabric, I’d be hard pressed to find just what I’m looking for, and it would definitely be a challenge to make it original. That is probably good for Dolce & Gabbana, though, because intellectual property doesn’t exist in the fashion world. How do you think I find such good knockoffs?  But, that’s another blog for another day. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that prints like these start trickling down the fashion chain.

Well happy Friday to all! I hope you can get in some luxury shopping this weekend 🙂



Blearning Blog: Today’s Entry is Brought to You by the Letter “A”

As I go about my days wearing various cotton blends and sporting the signature Northwest scarf/boots combo, I aim to take solace in my mundane street clothes by living vicariously through slideshows of runway models. My coping mechanism is proving itself useful, and I’m slowly but surely becoming more literate in the design world.! So as part of my endeavors, I am instating a new regular feature called the Learning Log Blearning Blog.

The Blearning Blog entries will covers designers from A-Z with one from each letter of the alphabet. So you and I will be 26 designers smarter in no time!

Do me a favor? Don’t tell Sesame Street I jacked their spiel, I heard about what Big Bird’s legal team did to Mitt Romney.

So without further adieu, today’s designer is


I opened up a list of designers A-Z and I clicked the first one I thought sounded completely foreign. I might be more than a little frightened, and I’m glad that my Barbie and Ken dolls are safely halfway across the country. Check out these crazy and quirky looks for the Fall 2013 collection. This Japanese designer used fabrics that are said to change color. So crazy!



I think there may be a couple guys in there. I can’t tell.

These outlandish fashion antics are no shock to Anrealage fans. Check out these photos of the Spring 2013 collection!


Kentucky Derby 3013?

I couldn’t find much information as I tried to research, but did find out the designer is Kunihiko Morinaga and has a boutique or two in Japan. The place looks quite stark and small, which would be intimidating for a shopper such as myself.


I wish I could get my clothes to look that organized…. sigh… The site wouldn’t let me navigate into prices, but I assume it’s enough to pay for my tuition this term.

So there you have it, a little Saturday morning lesson for your fashion betterment. If you are smitten and looking to recreate the far-east stylings of our desinger “A”, you are in luck!

This Ken-doll costume piece can be yours for only $5.88 at

Image is hereby not be held legally responsible for any and all nightmares relating to this floating head, or any ghostlike fashion models as pictured above.

Have a great weekend 😉


Pics of my trrrenndayyyy outfit 4.10 and a word on kitchen safety

I prefer sewing with fabric, but today I got a little aggressive slicing cheese for a lunchtime sandwich, and my index finger got to experience what it means to be a textile. To be brief, I ended up getting 6 stitches to mend that slice back together and didn’t even get to eat my sandwich.

On the upside, I got a trrrrenday new accessory that matches my new Target steal that I’m highlighting in today’s fa’blogger installment of Pics of my trrrrrrenday outfit!!!!!!

I really hit the bullseye the other day at Target (har-har) and came away with a couple fun, affordable pieces to prep my wardrobe for warmer weather! This white sweater/jacket is made of sweatshirt-like material. It looks like a biker jacket, and is as comfy as PJ’s! I’d call it a total steal for $34.99, because I can wear it as it’s own statement or to warm my chilly shoulders at nighttime.

Today’s photoshoot is on location in my kitchen. Cue the photos!



(s/o Iowa ^^)

Here’s a reenactment of how things went down. (Minus the sandwich)


I know this high-fashion shoot has all the glitz and glam that marketing campaigns are infamous for, but don’t be fooled- having proper kitchen safety can be more important than you think.

On behalf of myself and my finger, just buy the pre-sliced cheese next time.

“Breakfast-Casual” and Hairdryer Glamour Shots

I’ve been busy, busy, busy these past weeks working on projects for my first round of sewing classes at my new design school.  It was a fantastic beginning-level series that was a great refresher, and also added some new skills and techniques to my knowledge banks! In this series, we made the classic A-line skirt, pocketed PJ pants, and a collared, short-sleeved shirt. Last time I made a collared blouse was a failure of epic proportions that was anything but proportionate. This time around, I took my time and focused more, even though there were some ripped seams along the way. 


– used my new machine for buttons and buttonholes

– made a shirt that looks like a real live shirt!! (as opposed to the last one)

– reinforced skills and learned new ones

Notes to future self:

– use better elastic for the pants

– be more gentle with the neck reinforcements.. they look a little rumpled on the inside

– use non-interfaced side for top of the collar… whoops. thank goodness it’s unnoticeable on this project. 


For the shirt and pants, I opted to make a casual breakfast ensemble with a lightweight cotton that boasts a coral, over-easy egg print. This “breakfast cas” motif is so fashion forward and so luxurious, that it actually is featured as an editorial spread in this installment of Dorky Chick in Lipstick’s blog!! 


Image(Caroline McGowan couture.. price upon request)Image


To really capture the essence of that just-woke-up-looking-this-good feeling, the creative director of the shoot decided to go for the windblown look, and pulled out a hairdryer.





You can look for this spread in next month’s Vogue!

I never said you’d find it…