Blearning Blog: Today’s Entry is Brought to You by the Letter “A”

As I go about my days wearing various cotton blends and sporting the signature Northwest scarf/boots combo, I aim to take solace in my mundane street clothes by living vicariously through slideshows of runway models. My coping mechanism is proving itself useful, and I’m slowly but surely becoming more literate in the design world.! So as part of my endeavors, I am instating a new regular feature called the Learning Log Blearning Blog.

The Blearning Blog entries will covers designers from A-Z with one from each letter of the alphabet. So you and I will be 26 designers smarter in no time!

Do me a favor? Don’t tell Sesame Street I jacked their spiel, I heard about what Big Bird’s legal team did to Mitt Romney.

So without further adieu, today’s designer is


I opened up a list of designers A-Z and I clicked the first one I thought sounded completely foreign. I might be more than a little frightened, and I’m glad that my Barbie and Ken dolls are safely halfway across the country. Check out these crazy and quirky looks for the Fall 2013 collection. This Japanese designer used fabrics that are said to change color. So crazy!



I think there may be a couple guys in there. I can’t tell.

These outlandish fashion antics are no shock to Anrealage fans. Check out these photos of the Spring 2013 collection!


Kentucky Derby 3013?

I couldn’t find much information as I tried to research, but did find out the designer is Kunihiko Morinaga and has a boutique or two in Japan. The place looks quite stark and small, which would be intimidating for a shopper such as myself.


I wish I could get my clothes to look that organized…. sigh… The site wouldn’t let me navigate into prices, but I assume it’s enough to pay for my tuition this term.

So there you have it, a little Saturday morning lesson for your fashion betterment. If you are smitten and looking to recreate the far-east stylings of our desinger “A”, you are in luck!

This Ken-doll costume piece can be yours for only $5.88 at

Image is hereby not be held legally responsible for any and all nightmares relating to this floating head, or any ghostlike fashion models as pictured above.

Have a great weekend 😉


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