It is okay to be legally an adult and still play make believe

One of the most fantastic things about writing this blog and taking fashion classes is that I have a wonderful excuse to play make believe. I may pretend to do grown-up things from time to time like pay my rent, cook my own meals, and occasionally do my own laundry, but don’t be fooled! I like to get my markers and pencils out, draw pictures, and make up stories about them.

It’s all a part of my professional future 😉

Remember my fabulously aged muse? For a refresh, check out my blog Psychics ARE real and they work at Jimmy John’sImage

I was assigned to come up with three designs/a mini collection of clothes for a 65+ city dweller who’s style-savvy has been beyond her years and beyond her peers since she set foot on the scene. She’s got the means to have taste, yet has the mind to be playful with her own flair.

In addition to this fabu-lady, I needed to come up with some textures and images that I found inspiring and appropriate. Cue pictures:

images-2 2011_top_fashion_100_long_hair_blackimages-3 images-4 images-5images-6images-9images-1images-7 images-10images-8 images

Mix it all together and whaddaya got!?! You get this! 


This madam is looking tre “ooh la la” in these three looks.

Look 1: The “Park Parka” This long-hair fur jacket is as warm as it is chic! A ruffled petticoat-like detailing on the bottom and hand-made glass buttons give it that extra sum’n-sum’n. Wool slacks taper into ankle cuffs to show off her bedroom slipper statement heels. She may live in a major metropolitan area, but she is just certain to run into somebody  she knows. Either that, or she needs to prove her class in case her pooch displays less than “top dog” behavior.

Look 2: A cultured woman, she absolutely must have something for attending galas and soirees. She needs something that says “oh hello, dahhhling!” For these occasions, I’ve designed what I call the “Gala Dress”.   Accessorized with her decades of collected baubles and vintage-femme turban. She’ll peer over her half-moon glasses at the “essence of humanity” as captured through oil pastel, and wonder if they meant to include that unmentionable in the skyline. Either way, it’s magnifique.

Look 3: Sometimes Fluffy needs fresh air, so a weekend getaway is in order! Exhaling the frantic city energy, a drawstring-waist jumper is  exactly what will keep her comfy on the train ride. Dubbed the “Weekender”, you’d find our lavish lady maintaining her signature dark silhouette while incorporating her flair for pieces of panache. She flaunts playful accessories to let the world know she’s on her own terms, as per usual. The collar is a standing ruffled collar with magenta, zebra detailing, because she is letting out her wild side. Her pooch is barking in her Hamptons-ready tote, but her look is very “me-ow”.

And she lived stylishly ever after.


There you have it! As fun as it is to dream about living the urban socialite life, I’ll have to put my pens and fantasies away for another day. She’s pretty fab and all, but I’d say when I’m that age I think it will probably look a lot more like this:



Have a rockin’ Wednesday.



What you do with Elmer’s glue is none of my business

Didn’t shower but still want to go shopping? Want to sprout 14 arms to hold up all your potential purchases to see if the work together?  Want to play make-believe superstar NYC fashion magazine editor?!?!?!?!

I DO! I DO! 

Well today is your lucky day! If you haven’t been already, let me introduce you to is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to procrastination in awhile. On this website you are able to make collages of clothing items that are priced and linked, admire celebrity style, and choose graphics to make your collage unique. From there you post it to an online social media network and see how other people get inspired. It is one big arts and crafts party with no glitter in your hair or Elmer’s glue up your nose.

These past couple weeks as a redhead, I have found myself struggling to transition my wardrobe. All I ever want to wear is black! That’s all I wear to work, so during my days I want to mix it up. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t really account for a whole lot of new things right now, so I decided to check out Polyvore to create a style inspiration collage to launch……


Translation: if I’m going to pay good American money to ensure my head is going to look like a firework launched from a barrel of strawberries, I can’t look like I’m going to a funeral.

( is not a reliable language translation resource, and cannot be held accountable for any miscommunication with you and people who actually speak Spanish.)

Here, I took photos from the website of similar hair colors and found styles that I think would work! I did an evolution of my style at the bottom to help illustrate that a transition from blacks to electric yellows isn’t so crazy after all. My favorite find was that purple floral shorts-suit.. It is actually from JC Penney! I haven’t ever found anything at JCP, but think I might have to check it out just for this affordable, yet chic look! The fit and the fabric are two big factors, and there are some things you just don’t know until you try. I found myself picking out a lot of the same type of things. It is like when you go shopping with a friend and they say “here! this looks like you!” It was cool to get to see all of those things in one space, and gave me great new perspective on “my style”.

So take a peek at what I’ve done, and maybe get inspired to make your own!

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 5.04.04 PM

SO go forth, my stylish friends! Check out! It is an awesome way to feel like a high-fashion magazine editor and find new clarity on what your personal style is!

Now I’m going to take a nap…. way better in my bed than on a food court bench 🙂


“Breakfast-Casual” and Hairdryer Glamour Shots

I’ve been busy, busy, busy these past weeks working on projects for my first round of sewing classes at my new design school.  It was a fantastic beginning-level series that was a great refresher, and also added some new skills and techniques to my knowledge banks! In this series, we made the classic A-line skirt, pocketed PJ pants, and a collared, short-sleeved shirt. Last time I made a collared blouse was a failure of epic proportions that was anything but proportionate. This time around, I took my time and focused more, even though there were some ripped seams along the way. 


– used my new machine for buttons and buttonholes

– made a shirt that looks like a real live shirt!! (as opposed to the last one)

– reinforced skills and learned new ones

Notes to future self:

– use better elastic for the pants

– be more gentle with the neck reinforcements.. they look a little rumpled on the inside

– use non-interfaced side for top of the collar… whoops. thank goodness it’s unnoticeable on this project. 


For the shirt and pants, I opted to make a casual breakfast ensemble with a lightweight cotton that boasts a coral, over-easy egg print. This “breakfast cas” motif is so fashion forward and so luxurious, that it actually is featured as an editorial spread in this installment of Dorky Chick in Lipstick’s blog!! 


Image(Caroline McGowan couture.. price upon request)Image


To really capture the essence of that just-woke-up-looking-this-good feeling, the creative director of the shoot decided to go for the windblown look, and pulled out a hairdryer.





You can look for this spread in next month’s Vogue!

I never said you’d find it…



Drawing progress! 4.03

Here’s a little peak at a drawing I did for my illustration class project. A drop-waist leather (okay actually it’s pleather, but that’s all Joann had…) with a layered lace skirt. The fabric for the bottom was a sample of the scraps I found on my Goodwill Outlet trip! This dress is anything but casual, and is meant to be an alternative evening gown. The kind of thing I’d like to see a rockstar wear to the Oscars! It has a sort-of Kristen Stewart inspired style, that meets the elegance and feist of Cameron Diaz during her brunette phase.




Another part of the assignment was to name the style, and so in honor of these two fashion icons, I call this the “Kameron” IMG_0001

Notes to future self:

– Stick to one pen with for the outline. Here I used a Staedler .1 and a .7… wish I would have stuck to the .1

– Consider adding more intricate lace detail

– Use more contrast to highlight the leather sheen

Pats on the back:

– I didn’t have to change the ethnicity due to over-coloring! Yay for motor skills!

– I chose a style I would really consider making! I am happy I chose to take the time to really design something that is an honest reflection of my design style

– It didn’t take me 3 hours to draw the body!! This means more time for my Prisma color markers and creativity!

Progress has been made!! Cheers to sucking less :)!

Back to work for this red head. Thanks for reading!


Eye Massage: Proenza Schouler

In an effort to improve my fashion-savviness, I have been researching different designers so that my vernacular can become more stylish. I tikka-tikkaed my way to “” to look for some things I could educate myself on. is an amazing resource for fashion knowledge seekers. One of my favorite things is that they have a full photo gallery from fashion shows of the top designers. I decided to find a name I didn’t know very well, and make a little homework for myself!

Let’s talk about Proenza SchoulerImage

Pronounced “pro-en-za skoo-ler”, Proenza Schouler is a modern luxury brand that is the blood, sweat, and tears of designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. These two met in design school at Parson’s, and now are only  11 years deep in the fashion industry with their label, which is named after both of their mother’s maiden names. 


My favorite part? These two are self-proclaimed “dorks”. My kin! 


I’m newly obsessed with these designs. They are edgy, upscale, feminine, and have the element of playfulness that I hope to incorporate into my own designs. The pieces are consistently structured and sleek, giving the clothes a bit of a menswear feeling, yet are flashy enough for a woman. 


Here is an eye massage perfect for Monday evening! These are some favorites of mine from the Spring 2013 Read-to-Wear Collection. 


I am “ready to wear” any of these!




ImageLook at these boot/sandal things below. Mama likey.ImageThis red would certainly stop traffic!ImageImageImage




I would not want to cross paths with a snake that color!Image



If your face is on there, can you claim royalties? ImageImageImage

Price points are in the thousands, so I think I’ll have to wait until I strike it rich…

Or maybe not!  These shiny fabrics and stiff lines remind me of the duct tape dress crazy. Check out these duct tape lookalikes: 






See! You TOO can have the high-fashion flair of Proenza Schouler- as long as you have a little duct tape and some know-how! 🙂 

Just remember to not put the tape directly on your skin…..



Congratulations on being smarter now than you were 5 minutes ago, and thanks for reading my blog!

Have a good one, fools! 😉